Malappuram to Kashmir on a Bike

Malappuram , (the fastest growing city in the world) to Ladakh

Muhammed Sahal Pallipurath and Muhammad Majid Sahli (Maaji)

It was the realization of a long and precious dream; we (self and Maaji) started our journey with a rented Royal Enfield Electra standard bike from Malappuram in Gods own country. The journey was almost cancelled due to several issues, but finally we made it. On August 12th morning 1:00 AM, we rode to Kozhikode and continued from there after purchasing some travel essentials on the very next day.

The second day we passed through Kannur and Kazarkode and stayed at Mangalore in our tent. During third day of our journey we passed through attractions like Udupi and Gokarna and stayed at a Mosque at Karnataka border (Karwar). Karwar is famous for its naval academy and big industries, and we met some good people (Mr. Reshad and his father), they encouraged us to go ahead. This was the moment that we got relief from initial crisis and worries.

Fifth day of our journey
started with most famous International tourist destination, yes, we have
reached Goa and it was an amazing experience although we had visited Goa
before. So, we just relaxed two days and enjoyed ourselves with pastimes like
spending time for Fish therapy in Natural Pond, celebration of Independence Day
etc. The first day in goa we stayed in the tent and for the second day we
booked a Hotel.

On August 16th evening, we started our journey to Pune in the company of two other guys we had met during ride. We were treated to a fantastic supper at my family friend’s Hotel in Kolhapur. The next day morning we reached Pune and made a fantastic photoshoot with an Indian Flag background, and met our little prince Fathima (a baby girl in Pune). The day in Pune we stayed in one of our friend’s (Jabir) room and left for Mumbai on the next day from Lonavala. In Mumbai we were welcomed by one of my neighbor’s relatives settled in Mumbai, their hospitality was fabulously. The native food, shelter, guidance, we will always be grateful to them. For almost three memorable days of the precious time of our trip, we stayed and enjoyed the wonders of the commercial hub of India. Few moments like night ride through the Sea over-bridge, late night time in Marine drive, searching for rain coat through Mumbai markets and the endless traffic will always remain in our memory of Mumbai.

Tenth day of our ride we reached Surat in Gujarat and stayed in a mosque. In Surat we had a small issue with the bike. It developed a problem (speedometer) and two local buddies helped us to repair it. Then we went to the capital of Gujarat state (Ahmedabad) and visited some historic places. The 13th day we witnessed a natural beauty on the road. it was nothing but a river with a base of stones. We spend a full daytime there and made our trip more enjoyable with activities like cooking, bathing and washing.

The next day we headed to the only hill station in Rajasthan (Mount Abu) and wondered how different this place is with the rest of Rajasthan. This was the first moment that we ran out of money and arranged it from many ways and decided to control the expense. Next day (Friday) evening we headed to Ajmer (Religious center), and stayed in a hotel. Saturday we went to Agra through Udaipur and Jaipur and Sunday morning we witnessed the world wonder in India (Taj Mahal). That was the exact moment that we realized the value of our Money and time. In Agra of UP, we visited multiple tourist place like Agra garden, Red fort, etc. Next day evening we headed to Aligarh University in a rainy atmosphere and stayed inside the university with the permission of the officials. The next morning they treated us to a great breakfast and gave us some contacts for the remaining ride.

On Monday we traveled to
Dehradun through Meerut and stayed in a Local petrol station (Tent). The
peoples of Dehradun welcomed us with excitement and they treated us like friends.
The next destination was Shimla, we reached there through Panda Sahib in Uttarakhand and Nehan in Himachal. The night in Shimla we stayed in a
Bus stop due to some difficulties in finding a proper place. Then we rode to
Manali after purchasing some winter essentials from Mandi. Kulu and Manali were
just awesome. The tourist destinations, sceneries, infra structure were superb,
but we were more excited because of a family who had settled in Manali. They
just amazed us with their care and love, they treated us like family and
provided food and shelter for four days. We are always thankful to them.

On 3rd September, we
started our ride to Leh through Rohtang Pass. The first day from Manali we
stayed in Thandi (Final Petrol Station Ahead of Leh) in our tent. This was one
of the most difficult nights we had ever faced due to the low temperature. But
we continued our ride to Leh and reached there after two more days. The scenery
besides of the road was breathtaking throughout the ride from Manali. And we
witnessed hundreds of riders and travelers during those 3 days.

As for Leh, there are no words to explain our emotion. Our happiness was indescribable when we reached Khardungla Top (World Highest Motorable Point). We just relaxed and explored the wonders of leh for three days. The Mutton stew and rice from leh was one of the most unforgettable meals we had eaten in our trip.

From Leh we returned to
Srinagar and found the city under 144 (curfew), so we used a very dusty road to
Jammu, then a very hot Punjab and finally New Delhi. We sent the mobike via
courier to Edappal and took a flight to Kochi.

The journey was started on 11th August and we got back to Kochi airport on 13th September 2018. Our bike has covered around 7000 km, at an expense of ₹ 70,000. We used to stay in our tent most of the nights. The major thing I gained from the journey is an opportunity to understand my India from the ground reality rather than from the unreliable Media.

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